Sultana Raisins


These small, seedless raisins are grown in lush farm lands located in the northern Aegean region of Turkey. Sultanas go through a long processing line, after which they are laboriously hand-selected three times over to select comparable color and grade. Sultanas have a color scale ranging from the lightest(golden) No.10, to the darkest No.8 (brown). The No. 9 Sultanas are light brown in color. Available dipped or un-dipped (Thompson) Sultanas can be packed in bulk or in retail ready-to-sell packages such as 500gr. cellophane bags or any other packaging you may require.

Organic Food


We are Nimeks!

GROWER, PROCESSOR AND EXPORTER OF ORGANIC AND CONVENTIONAL FOOD PRODUCTS. Nimeks does it all in Turkey…from growing, processing, and packaging to exporting.

After being in the food business for more than 20 years, Nimeks has become one of the renowned names in Food Exporters in Turkiye, exporting its products to large wholesalers around the world.


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